Almog Adir

My name is Almog Adir, and I am currently studying economics at university. I had begun this blog when I was in school, and it has transformed from being a studying tool to my outlet of economic thought. There are few subjects which are always on the edge of their understanding and maintain such a progressive stance as economics. I am fortunate to be studying at a time where we are seeing a dramatic shift in approach towards economics, not too dissimilar from the development of quantum physics in the early 20th century.

“Radical change and development, can only be manifested through our willingness to accept radical thought”.

This blog will be dedicated to covering various aspects all related to economics. My particular interest is in microeconomics, mainly as I believe that the solutions to our macroeconomic issues can be found through microanalysis and evaluation. Data does not tell us a story in its own right, it is how we manipulate it, and I believe its starts at a micro level.

There will be fact, and opinion; all portrayed in various media (videos, pictures, articles)

Written & Edited by Almog Adir


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