Capitalism by Dessert


The other night I went out with a couple of friends to my favourite local restaurant. Three years ago this restaurant was a simple English pub, but under new ownership a chef was brought in and it is now gastro pub cuisine. The food is very good (London standard) albeit at relatively high prices for the local area.

No matter what I choose to eat during the meal, I will always take sticky toffee pudding for dessert. When I went out with my friends and it came to the arrival of dessert, I was struck by the significant decrease in size of the sticky toffee pudding. It had only been two or three months since the last time I was there, and I recalled that the pudding was far bigger.

Two things were clear to me, firstly the menu was unchanged and so the prices were unchanged. Secondly, the restaurant just created more profit by decreasing the size of the pudding. I found this rather infuriating as the quality had not changed; it was just a smaller version of my favourite pudding. After venting to my friends, we came to the conclusion that this was capitalism and free markets operating at their very best.

It was always noticeable that people were in awe of the size of the sticky toffee pudding before its reduction, it was a dessert worth sharing. Now that it is smaller it is more likely that fellow diners will not share the dessert but have to order their own. This would have not been noticeable to anyone but a regular, and it is evident that the pub is maximising their profits.

Nevertheless, I think I will still come back to eat there as it is arguably the best sticky toffee around the area. It seems that for the restaurant it is dessert first, costumers second.


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