The End of The BLT?


Due to the rising cost of feed, Britain’s National Pig Association has said that a shortage of pork and bacon is inevitable. They want to try increase the price of pork products so it is easier for farms to produce, therefore avoiding shortage and a steep increase in price. There is speculation of a 10% increase of prices, as the amount of pigs slaughtered has dropped down 2%.

Britain’s National Pig Association has started a campaign called “Save Our Bacon”; they want to encourage shoppers to buy pork produce that comes from the United Kingdom. They hope that the increase in demand for domestic produce will increase the support for pork and bacon producing farms by supermarkets.


Bacon is not a necessity, nor is pork. However, traditional English food encompasses pork in all aspects. In theory the failing of the pork industry, may lead people to healthier alternatives. But do people really want to switch from the British Breakfast or the BLT to the healthy alternative? If the demand for bacon is maintained, then increasing prices will be a given with the current state of feed commodities such as corn and soya beans. The alternative is that an increase in pork prices, will lead to a drop of demand and the movement to substitutes such a chicken or beef.

Over the past three years it has become more problematic to grow pigs not only due to rising costs of feed, but the change of regulation with the intention of greater animal welfare. The pig industry is dwindling and production costs in the U.K. are higher than the majority of the European Union except Italy.



One thought on “The End of The BLT?

  1. Great post Almog. A lot of the consequence will depend on the cross-elasticity of demand for the substitutes, (how much will demand for beef sausages change as a result if the price rise in pork) Also the supply curve is key, will farmers currently producign other products be attracted by the high price of pork.

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